How to get good grades

Selena Williams, Journalist

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Want to know if you’re a good student? What makes a good student? Do you have some of these qualities? Some of the qualities of a good student is self-confidence, humility, trustworthiness, authenticity, extraversion, assertiveness, and so many more. A good student should have some of these qualities. Do you have these qualities to be a good student? Ask around and see what your teachers have to say.

If you aren’t a good student, want to know what you can do to become a good student? Well you can start by coming to class and paying attention. Then learn to balance your studies. Then always be prepared, for tests and class work. Always read sitting up and always take notes even if the teacher doesn’t tell you to. Find a quiet place to study, study in sessions of no more than an hour and take breaks.

I don’t think there is such a thing as a “good student”. Yes some kids work harder but that doesn’t make them better than any other kids! Don’t change who you are to be a ‘good student’. Go to school do your work and have fun! That’s all that matters in my eyes.

Who should be a good student? Everyone should be a good student!! Why? It’s your job. You might not care but in the long run your just hurting yourself. Where should you be a good student? In school and out of school to set a good example for your school! You want others to see you and think your school in amazing. You want colleges to want you! Think about your future!