2017- 18 PBIS Point System

Codie Miller, Journalist

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For the year 2017-18 there is a new look for the point sheet at AEP. AEP has decided that the point sheet should not be handed out to students for them to carry throughout the school day. Teachers record the student’s behavior using the points on the new sheet as a guideline. Now that the point sheet is not given to the students anymore, this will enable the teachers to keep track of each students’ progress on a daily basis. It will also eliminate forging of points. Students may earn a total of 8 points per period and 48 points per day. Participating in class, behaving and utilizing electronics appropriately,  arriving to class on time and staying in class are the key areas being observed.The point sheet isn’t the only thing that has changed at AEP, there are also new rewards. The new rewards include things like portable charging cords, charging bracelets, earbuds, water bottles, chapstick, and self-care packages. There are not any edible rewards. The point values on the rewards have also changed. There is a special reward if students have gained a total of 1,000 or more points per quarter, a special field trip. You must still complete a form with your homeroom teacher in order to redeem points for your rewards.