Are You Standing?

Rosetta Dawson, Journalist

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Do you stand for the pledge of allegiance? Why ? Why Not?

A survey was conducted to determine why students stand or don’t stand during the pledge of allegiance. Some students however, were not pleased about the topic or did not want to share their   opinions. Results of the survey show that 18 out of 30 do not stand for the pledge of allegiance.The reasons given by the majority of students who don’t stand for  the pledge were because they don’t feel like standing at all or they felt like our country does not show all citizens respect.  A few students feel that it is not necessary to stand just to show love for your country. Others simply stated “I just don’t care”. The remaining twelve students who do stand for the pledge  gave the following reasons : “I stand for the pledge out of respect for our country and what it stands for”, “I am grateful not just because of the flag and pledge but for liberty, our freedom”, I’m saluting the flag that stands for this country and the men that have fought and died for our country” and “ I believe that the pledge is one of the few things that unites all of us, in this divisive, polarizing time in  U.S. history, we need something that unifies us all”. It is interesting to look at the issue from both sides. We must remember to respect the opinions of both sides.