Realizing Reality

Tricia George, Journalist/Poet

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We have been told all our lives

Its on the inside that matters

Until one day when beauty becomes everything

When you’re told you’re not pretty enough

To do something

When you’re told you’re not beautiful enough to love someone

Being beautiful becomes part of your life

Putting make up on so maybe they will love you

Wearing clothes that make you uncomfortable so you will fit into

Then there’s Facebook ,Instagram ,snapchat and Twitter

Where people hide to get away from their pain

Adding filters to their pictures photoshopping their face so they look acceptable

You feel good behind that screen??

Dancing in a puddle of comments on how beautiful you are drawing in

Hundreds of likes

You feel positive now

Until you have to turn back to reality

When no one compliments how you look

Going back and fourth thinking you’re pretty and than  you’re not

Then you meet that one person who changes everything ,they’re not

Popular nor did they fit in

But they show you that there is much more than being being pretty or beautiful

You finally take deep and let your hair down

Its finally time to realize that looks don’t matter its what’s on the inside that counts

It takes two to build a bridge

It takes two to build a bridge though now you have stopped building and go the extra mile but you’re just so unwilling if you’re not even going to try  there no point in trying too but its not like I have nothing

Has died I know its all because of me and if I build that extra mile you won’t be there to see it takes two to build a bridge but our bridge is broken now I wonder why or how  I didn’t want to hurt us but its too broken to fix