First Loves

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First Loves

Alyssa Plitt, Journalist

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When you experience a first love, it changes you in a way. Sometimes it can be a positive change, and other times, it can be a very negative change. Sometimes when you first love a person, and they don’t really feel that way as much as you do, it really hurts and it’s not really a good experience.

The whole situation could be different, and a person could even call you their first love, but you don’t even feel that way at all towards them. Then, you end up hurting them.

I think you can learn a lot from your first love because not everything lasts, and it all comes to an end over time. You can be very hurt once it ends, but you can also learn a life lesson. One thing that  you can learn from it is: Be careful of who you trust. You can’t always believe what he/she says to you. It can hurt because you feel like the person has been lying to you the whole time. Sometimes your “lover” could have just moved on. At one point they could have really felt that way, and you just end up being confused and hurt.

I went around the school and students a) how they felt about their first love, b) whether they still miss them, and c) whether they wonder why their relationships ended. I also asked whether they were over it. I heard many different answers like, “He has my heart” and  “I miss him.”  I also heard some negative responses like, “I hope they end up having something bad happen to them.”

People sometimes say rude things about a first love when it is over. A first love is a hard thing to get over and people say that a first love is a person who leaves an imprint on your heart. The first love will never be forgotten and you will always remember him/her.

Speaking from experience I used to miss my first love. I feel that I won’t forget him because he made me very happy at one point. I had a very special feeling about him. I feel like he definitely made a lasting impression on my heart.

Whether it’s good or bad, love changes you.