Condoms in Schools

Should Schools Provide Condoms to High School Students?

Kya Weathersbee, Journalist

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Do you think it is a good idea to give condoms in school? I think it is important to give condoms in school because some students are sexually active. In a survey of students at the Center for Educational Opportunity, 5 students agreed, stating that providing condoms in schools is a “good idea.” One student disagreed and thought it was not a good idea because free condoms might encourage kids that are not sexually active to consider it.

Schools don’t just hand out condoms in the classroom, but they are often provided in the health suite. Some schools even have condom dispensers in the bathrooms. According to Carol Kuruvilla of Daily News, in 2012, 22 Philadelphia high schools placed clear plastic condom dispensers in health offices. Nurses weren’t allowed to distribute the condoms, but the dispensers allowed students to take condoms for free. Do you think access to condoms at school MAKES kids have sex, or do you think it’s good, because access to condoms is important?