Customer-Employee Relations in the Fast Food Industry

Ryan Whittington, Journalist

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Have you ever gone to a fast food place and been disrespected?

I asked 5 students at the Center for Educational Opportunity about this, and they all had different thoughts about fast food places. The top 3 arguments in fast food restaurants that students all had in common were: mistakes, slow service, and attitude of workers. The reason for these arguments is that customers don’t like when employees make mistakes. Customers want faster business and the right food.

The second most common argument  is attitude towards the costumer. This is a big problem because issues often arise due to lack of communication. Better communication would create better relationships between employees and customers. A positive attitude will go a long way.

Finally, cleanliness is a big problem because no one wants to go into a business and eat if it’s not clean. Customers may become upset if they perceive that the restaurant is dirty.

In order to avoid complications, employees must have respect for the customers and the respect should be given back in return.