I have feelings for you… Advice in Relationships

Tahja Taylor, Journalist

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When you say you love someone, but the whole time, they are cheating.

WHAT NOT TO DO: When you’re in a relationship, you’re not supposed to CHEAT or abuse your boyfriend/girlfriend.

WHAT TO DO: Stay faithful and loyal, and never hurt the person that you love as a soul mate.

A good relationship is more than  something we want. It is something we need to be our happiest, healthiest, most productive selves. At home or work, supportive, fulfilling relationships don’t come automatically. They take an investment of time and energy as well as social skills that can be learned.

If you don’t like  something they do, just speak up. If you’re in a relationship, it’s you and that person– not 3, or 4. It is just a pair (2).